Sunday, 8 June 2008

May at Botany farmhouse.

Manic May, our guests mused that this place was reminiscent of "the Darling buds of May"Primrose has left home and Ma Larkin is stressing as everything is breeding, growing and needing food!

My quite tame Sikkha deer has given birth at the right time of year for a change, normally she has a bad habit of producing in September when the stags are rutting,so she thinks its a good idea to use my garden because they wont come after her.Its a responsibility I have to fend off dogs and lay the law down to my testosterone fueled youth to drive carefully down the track to avoid mowing her down,I have my rewards,last year she let the tiny fawn gambol around the lawn as I was gardening.I knew she had had it this year because as I was inadvertently gathering sticks in the wood she crashed out of the bushes barking at me,making it clear that that my presence was unwelcome I retreated.Some guests staying in the end bedroom with the window open at night explained that they were woken in the middle of the night by strange squeaking noises,at first light they
looked out of the window to see a tiny fawn hidden behind some flotsam and jetsun

The whole place chirps at the moment we are with greater spotted woodpeckers in quantity,five regular eaters, fighting over the food and now one baby with its distinctive red cap.Graham and I/s quiet coffee was disturbed last week with the arrival of this exotic bird,the like of which I have never seen but I have been told by the better birders that its an escaped cage bird but what?? anybody know.

We had a day off on Sunday and strolled down the path to Arish Mell which was so full of flowers,lots of orchids and a vivid blue cloud of vipers bugloss.

Botany wilderness now,just one insectivorous ugly duckling to white swan!

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